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Owners as Strategists

Bocconi University
Online Conference

The Invernizzi center for Research on innovation, organization, strategy and entrepreneurship (ICRIOS) of Bocconi University is pleased to announce the online conference organized by Bocconi University's AIDAF-EY Chair in Strategic Management in Family Business in memory of Alberto Falck, with the contribution of the Univesity of St. Gallen, called “Owners as Strategists”, to be held online on June 8-9, 2021.

On June 8, the agenda includes contributions from academics (including a panel with Caroline Flammer and Emilie Feldman), while on June 9 two panels with academics (Ruth Aguilera, Morten Bennedsen) and practitioners (including Luca Garavoglia and Elena Zambon) will take place. Nobel Prize Oliver Hart (Harvard University) will deliver a keynote speech on both days.

Further details will be made available soon.