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Awards and Recognition

Dovev Lavie Book Award Winner

Next Generation Indie Book Award Winner (Current Events Category Finalist)

Dovev Lavie Book Award Winner

Nautilus Book Award Winner (Category 29 - Rising to The Moment, Silver Winner)

Claudio Panico Recognition

Top Ten Most Cited Strategic Management Journal Articles for 2023

Nilanjana Dutt Award

Winner of a Cariplo Foundation Grant for Lobbying Project

Yangyang Cheng, Claudio Panico Award

Winner of the Strategy Practice Best Paper Prize at the SMS Toronto

Diego Jannace, Arnaldo Camuffo Award

Best Empirical Paper Award, Entrepreneurship Division, at the 2023 Academy of Management Conference

Arnaldo Camuffo Award

Winner of the Best Empirical Paper Award at the 2023 Academy of Management Conference in Boston, US for the paper “Curbing the Addition Bias: Scientific Approaches and Propensity to Subtract in Entrepreneurial Ideas Development”

Dovev Lavie Recognition

 Recipient of the 2017-2022 Strategic Management Society appreciation for outstanding service as Associate Editor of the Strategic Management Journal

Alfonso Gambardella Award

TIM Division of the AoM Lifetime achievement award

Anne Jacqueminet Grant Award

Won a 264K PRIN grant with Valentina de Marchi (University of Padova), Elisa Giuliani (Pisa University) and Francesco Rullani (Università Ca' Foscari Venezia).