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Alfonso Gambardella

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I am Professor of Corporate Management at the Department of Management & Technology, Bocconi University, Milan, and Co-Director of the ION Management Science Lab at the SDA Bocconi School of Management. I obtained my PhD from the Department of Economics at Stanford University in 1991. My research has focused on the economics and management of technological innovations, the technology strategies of firms, and more recently I have embarked in a long-term research program on strategic decision-making under uncertainty.


For many years I have studied the implications of innovation activities for firm strategies, market structure, and economic growth more generally. Given the uncertainty surrounding innovation decisions, both in firms and economies, I have recently become interested in how firms and entrepreneurs can make better decisions under uncertainty. Through a series of randomized control trials, conducted with Arnaldo Camuffo and other colleagues, we have demonstrated that decision-makers employing a scientific approach (theory and tests) make better decisions. The ION Management Science Lab at SDA Bocconi has taken up this stream of research with the aim at providing micro-foundation for management and strategy, particularly in the context of the ongoing digital revolution. The Lab also focuses on how to make our scientific understanding of strategic decision-making processes practical and useful to managers and entrepreneurs to make their decisions.