Giada Di Stefano

Giada di Stefano

I am an Associate Professor of Strategy. I currently serve as an Associate Editor for the Strategic Management Journal and Associate Program Chair for the SRF Dissertation Research Program. I have been elected in the Leadership Team of the SMS Competitive Strategy IG, and have served as a Rep-at-Large for the SMS Behavioral Strategy IG, the AoM STR Division, and the AoM TIM Division.

At Bocconi, I am affiliated with BELSS and iCrios. I am a member of the Ethics Committee and serves in the Executive Committee of the Department of Management and Technology. Prior to joining Bocconi, I was a faculty member of HEC Paris, and worked as a product manager for L’Oréal Paris.


My general research interests are in the area of innovation, knowledge, and organizational learning. More specifically, I study the factors that foster or inhibit the creation and transfer of knowledge, within and across organizations.

From a methodological standpoint, my research is prevalently mixed-method, with a focus on experiments and field work more broadly. I have partnered with a number of organizations to conduct experiments “in the wild.”

My work is often conducted in the context of creative industries, broadly defined – from gourmet cuisine to science, from computer programming to academia.